Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nursing or Surgical Tech

The last week or so I've been thinking that maybe I should just go on for my RN, but it's going to take a couple years longer, be more expensive, BUT pay twice as much as Surgical Tech. I mentioned it to my mom and she told me of the nurse at her pain clinic. When she told him I was going to school for Surgical Tech he asked why not RN, it's just an extra semester. Yes, the program is an extra semester, however, It has a lot more prerequisites. None of my stuff will transfer because it's been longer than 5yrs. In the end it will be more fulfilling to do nursing, but to get there is going to be a lot harder. Any thoughts on this would be great. Surgical Tech or Registered Nurse????


elephantscanremember said...

Why not go for the RN if you are going to school anyway? The pay will be better.

M said...

Hi there! Well I'm biased because I am an RN but I say go for the RN!!! ;)

Nursing school is intense and it will take longer but I absolutely LOVED it! So much to learn and so rewarding. You can do it!