Friday, January 8, 2010

Kinda sorta TTC#2

IUD is out, AF has shown up today. I'm going to start out temping and charting. As for timing...can't do that for a while. With Simon not home so much, we'll just DTD when he's here. Eventually we will predict when I'll ovulate and try to get him home during that predicted time.

I'm not too optimistic though. After all Endo and PCOS are weighing against me AND now w/ Simon's new career. So for a while I'm not really even going to stress about it or anything. I mean, I have Ellie to keep me busy and love on, so I'm feeling good about having to wait some. Hence why I'm starting to chart now, rather than later. I would like Ellie and #2 to be a couple years apart, but if I got pregnant this month, I would be ok with them being 18 months apart.

I've went to TTCJSO on webmd. OMGosh!!! Those girls are nuts. Many of them are so depressed and emotional because they got a BFN their FIRST cycle trying and they even tested early. Then somebody asked how many DPO everybody was and what the symptoms people had. I know I was once them, but I could gag. The vast majority were all acting pregnant with their "symptoms." Not that all are the same, but for me all I had was I felt like I was going to start my period. Until m/s came between 5-6wks. But these girls are all already feeling m/s and everything else you can think of. Now, surely they aren't ALL pregnant just like that. But still what's the most upsetting is the way people are so distraught over ONE failed cycle. If I stay w/ these people long, I just may go off on some people. I think I will end up coming across as being some know it all bitch, but oh well. I just hate when women talk like their world is falling apart when they haven't been TTC but for a couple months when I know so many that have tried for many years and some have even given up. Grrrr. So, I may not be on that board for long. Fortunately life is about to get VERY busy for me and I wont have time to spare so I wont be able to go on much.


Julie said...

I don't have baby #1 yet, but I can't ever imagine going back on the JSO board again with #2. I know that I would either go off on someone (or several people) or stop visitng the board after a few days. Have you gone to the Trying for a Sibling board. I would imagine maybe it wouldn't be quite so bad.

Caroline said...

It's been a long time since I've "talked" with you (I had been using a blog attached to DH's email address), but hopefully you still remember me from webMD :)

Just wanted to say I hope that TTC #2 goes well. I also wanted to let you know that there is another board you might want to check out- it's There are tons of amazing women on there, and they are really welcoming!


ssbean said...

Julie, trying for a sibling board is dead...but if I as I am predicting is right, I will be too busy to keep up w/ an active board. The only reason I've been able to keep up w/ JSO is because I've been lazy and so tired the last few days.
Caroline, thanks for the link, I may check it out.

mommybird said...

I dont' think you'll remember me from Webmd when we were pregnant. I'm mias_mommy over there. Anyway, good luck with TTC #2. I'll be joining in with you in a month or so.