Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm smart

Class is going GREAT!! Better than I ever thought. We have a quiz every Monday, and he takes the 5 highest quiz grades we have and uses those for the final grade. Welp, I have 1 quiz grade behind me. He passed them back out on Wed. and when he gave me mine he told the class if they are into cheating to sit beside me. I was the only one who got them all right, and I was even the first one finished, and I checked over my answers before handing it in. It was pretty easy, but I have a big head now. I'm understanding the next section pretty well now. At first it was a little hard, but I'm getting it now. The chapter in the book is throwing me off, but fortunately his lectures are making sense and he quizzes on the lectures, so that's good.

Ellie is doing great. If I stand her up in the middle of the room, she will remain standing for a few seconds, sometimes 30 seconds or more. When I stand her up, she laughs so hard it's hard for her to stand.

Simon is home and we are enjoying our time together. Possible TRIGS (TTC) I'm about to O so it's a miracle that he's home for the first C's O. I'm not holding my breath that I'll get pregnant. I think I've said it before, I wouldn't mind Ellie and a sibiling being 18months apart, but I'm pushing for closer to 2yrs apart. I would be ok with 3yrs apart. All this plus PCOS and endo is why I'm we're doing what we can this early.

Anyways, I think that's it. Yep it's a short post this time around.


mk said...

GL ttc #2! me and my dh want another one but won't be trying for at least 2-3 years and I'm scared it will take a long time to conceive #2 too, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for u! I hope it happens quick for you!