Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daniel Fast

My church is in the middle of doing a Daniel Fast, for more info on what a Daniel fast is, check out this site:

I was raised Baptist, not Church of God(as I am now), so I learned very little about fasting growing. Well,actually I didn't learn anything. All I learned about fasting was sometimes before blood work or a medical procedure you had to fast after midnight, which meant you needed to wake up at 11:30pm for a snack, or so that's what my grandma did. LOL. I'm not 100% if I understand the spiritual benefits of a Daniel Fast. I came to learn that you fast, and drink only water and the time you would be cooking and eating, you spend in prayer and reading the Bible. Maybe I was wrong in this idea. The Daniel Fast is something you do for 21 days. On the above mentioned website, they have recipes and foods you can eat. So much for not cooking. As you may have gathered from reading thus far, I'm not participating in the Daniel Fast, just yet. However, I went to the store this evening and bought some fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and hummus. While I really don't understand the spiritual aspect, I do understand the physical aspect, and I plan on eating Daniel Fast friendly foods more often. One day at a time, but maybe 3 days a week, or maybe even more. For added protein, I think I'll throw in eggs to the mix. Gone with the easy microwavable easy when I'm just cooking for myself. Gone w/ the occasional soft drink and other snacks that I really shouldn't be indulging in, like my tortilla chips that I have become so fond of lately.

I was doing so well with losing weight before Christmas. I was eating very sensibly and was quite proud of myself, when the scales showed I lost 8lbs in less than a month. That was before Christmas. The after all the holiday foods, I gained 6lbs back. I haven't weighed since then, but I haven't been "good" since then either. I just haven't had the will power. However, I think I'm getting back on track. Like I said I went to the store, and despite how much ice cream or other junk appealed to me, I stuck with the healthy stuff. I got a couple avocado's, apples, grapefruits, bananas, tangerines, and celery stalks. I already had lettuce and mushrooms. I'm not too fond of apples, but Ellie likes to gum on a chunk, so I figured we could share an apple. I can even dip it in peanut butter, hey it's protein. I usually drown grapefruits with sugar, however, I have some of the Truvia, I figured I could put on it. I LOVE avocado's and I'm trying to get Ellie to be the same, however she's not the most thrilled with them. She doesn't care for anything green. Banana's are the best. Celery is pretty good, especially w/ peanut butter or a little ranch dip. Tangerines are good, just don't care for peeling them. I also got some nuts, with I'm not totally fond of, but I think I can make it work. I have tofu in the fridge and my eggs. I guess I'm going pretty vegetarian on myself. LOL. I've always liked the idea of being more vegetarian. As long as you aren't on an all carb diet, it seems pretty healthy. Hopefully I can jump on this new way of eating pretty good and lose some pounds. My next allowed splurge event will be my anniversary at the end of February, then the one after than is Ellie's birthday at the beginning of April.
I'm going to try and be accountable on here w/ progress. Not necessarily revealing my weight, but just to get how I'm doing out.
Oh and BTW, Ellie has her 9 month appointment on Thursday and I start my class on Friday. I'm so excited!!!