Friday, January 22, 2010

Clomid alternative-Soy Isoflavones

Apparently the $6 vitamin is supposed to be much like clomid. You take it like clomid 5 days at the beginning of the cycle, you get the same side effects, and apparently your chances of getting pregnant on it are similar to those who take clomid. Only thing, it's not FDA approved for fertility. With that comes, you aren't under a doctor's care as you take it. As many of you may know u/s's and b/w are a part of a clomid cycle.

Here's the kicker; I read this past week about a woman C2 of TTC, never had a baby yet, so she's brand new to the TTC thing, she's planning on taking it next cycle. Apparently it's growing in popularity amognst the new TTCers. I understand being impatient and excited about TTC. I remember trying different things as I learned them to hopefully be the "key" to pregnancy. I know, not as much as some, but more than some too, how heartbreaking a BFN is. BUT, to go out on your OWN w/out a doctor and taking something that is like clomid...that's a bit upsetting. I can understand if you've been on clomid before or if you have PCOS, or if you've been trying longer and no results yet, or if you have a history of IF. I mean eventually I may try it, but I highly doubt it. I'm not trying to bask these women who I feel are jumping the gun and taking it. I just don't understand how you can rationalize it. I mean, say you've never had IF issues, only been TTC for 2 cycles, how would you validate taking clomid?? Same idea here.


elephantscanremember said...

I don't get it either. Odds are, they will get pregnant within the first six months anyway. They will tout this as being a sure fire way of getting pregnant.

I may have to try it for myself, though.