Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My schooling
As if having a rapid crawling, standing 9 month old doesn't keep me busy enough. I am registered for my 1 class, it's paid for, I have my books, and I've read, highlighted, and made notes for the 1st chapter. Class starts on Jan 15th. The only problem I have is childcare. I have class MWF, Mondays are longer because I also have a lab, Wed and Friday are only 50 minute classes. So I just need part time child care, not something that daycares have and I've had no luck finding in home daycares. I found and put in my info, and there is a babysitter that sounds like she would be a perfect for us. I just have to pay the 1 time fee to be able to communicate with her and hopefully it works out. As it stands, Simon's Nana will keep Ellie on Mondays, my mom on Friday's, and I still don't have anybody for Wed. I'm looking for somebody to temporarily fill that spot, but if I can't find anybody, then I'm pretty sure Nana and my mom will be able to alternate weeks for Wednesday. Hopefully I don't need to use them for many weeks. My mom's disability is getting real bad, her back is TOO bad for surgery. She's in so much pain all the time. Nana is over 80yrs old. I just really don't want to wear either of them out. If Ellie was 2months old, it would be different as she would pretty much stay in one place, but she's very active now. So hopefully this all will work out. BTW, the class I'm taking intro to human biology. If I get a B or better in the class, I will get extra points to get me into the Surgical Tech program I've talked about before.

She's doing great. She has a chronic runny nose, and I took her to the doctor today. They gave her loratidine. As for sending her to an allergist, they said they generally don't do that until they are 2yrs old. However, since she has CF they said to call her CF doctor to see what they though. The pedi's view on it, is that if a young child has allergies, it doesn't just suddenly start at age 2. The CF doctor says it's a parental call, they support it, and told me the one they recommend her seeing. I called the pedi back and told them what I was told. Now I'm waiting to see if the pedi does want to go ahead and send her to the allergist or see if the loratidine helps. Either way I'm happy. I was afraid they would give her antibiotics when I didn't see any reason for it. She's not running a fever, not even a low grade. She's not losing sleep. The only congestion is higher up, and I was pretty sure it wasn't in her lungs, which was correct. So we'll see what happens with the allergist.

WOW, ready for drama?? Ready or not here it comes. So he, well we were satisfied with his assigned teammate. He was experienced and got around great in the snow and ice. He has 5 kids, one of which is the same age as Ellie, maybe a few days or week or so different. Well, the only problem when they came home for break, Simon tried and tried to get in touch with the guy. His wife and mother in law kept answering and talking to Simon. He could never talk to the teammate. His family was pissed at Simon, but Simon just wanted to know when they would go back out to make money. Apparently dude didn't want to go back out or something. Over a week later, Simon FINALLY talked to the teammate. Well they met at the terminal and weren't any loads, go figure. The guy was yelling and cursing at Simon in front of other drivers, and Simon laughed at him. I would have been yelling and cursing and throwing stuff at him. I have more of a temper than my husband. He was pretty much blaming Simon for the fact that he didn't get to spend time w/ his family (he was off for over week, wasn't Simon's fault). Then on Sunday, somehow the guy found out his license was suspended. My mail doesn't run on Sundays, so I don't know. But, he had a ticket from some time, and never paid it, now there's a warrant for his arrest. So Simon found another teammate, an older man, like in his 70's. BUT then the company had a slip seat position open and offered it to Simon. What's up with the required 6 months of teaming? Oh well, it's a better option for us so he took it. Now he awaits a truck. What slip seat is, he will get paid a certain amount every week. Beyond that, he will get millage. So it'll be more sure income. He will drive a truck for 7 days then take everything out of that truck and be home for 3-5 days, then go back out in a different truck for another 7 and start the whole thing again. During that 3-5 days, once a month he will probably act like he's really home, spending time with us and stuff, but the other times, he's going to drive the shuttle van for $150 a day to extra income on top of the minimum amount he'll get. The reason for him doing the shuttle van is because if he was out there with a team or solo we would have him stay out for 3-4 weeks then come home for 4-5 days. The other option is 2wks over the road and a crappy 2 days home. Our thoughts were stay out a month, come home for a few days. We would get more money and more time off when he's home. So w/ the slip seat program, he can keep working while he's off, just as he would if he was over the road still. Sure there are downfalls of this plan but it's going to work, we really think it will. After my class is over in May, I will apply for him for local trucking jobs, since most like for them to have 6 months experience. When he's local, if circumstances are ok, he want to try and take a night course in theology. It's looking like we will be keeping pretty busy this year with working, Ellie, schooling, and everything else that comes up.


Morgan said...

Sounds like things have been crazy for you! :) Hopefully you will get the child care situation straight! :) Goodluck!

Misty Dawn said...

Hope everything works out for you Sherry! Sounds crazy, but I'm sure everything will work its way out.