Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where do I start?

Once again, I have let my blog go. I'm terrible, I know.

Simon has finally went out w/ his trainer and completed training. It actually wasn't so bad being a "single parent" while he was away. Ellie and I got sick w/ a pretty yucky cold and Simon's nana and mom helped out with Ellie while I recovered. I got better, Ellie never did. Then I got sick again. Simon made it back home for Thanksgiving. A couple days later is when I got sick again, and like I said Ellie is still sick with a yucky cough, and Simon is now sick. Hopefully he will be going out with his teammate tomorrow. They are trying to get in touch w/ his teammate, which is proving to be difficult.

Ellie has 2 bottom teeth, and let me say, she was AWESOME while cutting them. She didn't fuss much or anything. She's tough like her momma. She's been sitting up for a while now. Her posture is AWESOME!!! Now she falls over every so often, but really not much anymore. She's pulling herself to stand up, and LOVES to stand. The other night at about 2am she woke up screaming, when I went to her room she was standing in her crib, I'm guessing she was scared because I laid her back down and rubbed her back (she insist on sleeping on her belly), and she drifted off back to sleep.

She's not all that into eating solid food. We were doing great w/ breakfast, lunch, and dinner with either jarred baby food or homemade baby food, but when she's sick, I'm not too good about offering her baby food and she's not to good about eating it. She's been sick now for a month, so she hasn't had much solids. I feel bad about that. Hopefully we'll be able to get back on a solid food schedule soon.

She couldn't have her scope because the first time I was really sick, fever and all. Then she was on antibiotic so they had to postpone it. As it stands, I need to call them to find out if they have a date for it.

I'm concern about Ellie's lack of talking. Ok, I know she's only 8 months, well a few days short of 8 months. But all I've read she should be making sounds like bababa or dadadada or mamamama, but she's just say aaaaaaa, and she says that all the time. She's very verbal she just isn't making the sounds I thought she would be making. I hope everything is ok. The main reason for my concern is DH was deaf out of one ear when he was a baby and had speech problems, I had very poor hearing for my early childhood and had terrible speech issues. I want to stay on top of any problems she may have.

So all in all, there's the update.


Elana Kahn said...

I'm not too worried about the talking. My twins are several weeks older than Ellie and neither of them are saying anything other than "ahhh". Well they sometimes blow raspberries or say "thhhh" but not things like "mamama" or "dadada".

They also don't pull up to standing yet. My son pulls up to his knees and my daughter could care less. They don't sit very well yet, but my daughter does that better than my son. Everyone is totally different!

Morgan said...

Sorry you have all been so sick...that's never fun! Hope you all get to feeling back to normal soon!
I wouldn't worry too much about her not talking, if everything else seems to be fine in her development then I'm sure she is fine! Maybe just bring it up at her next Pedi appointment! Don't worry though, it's probably fine! Every child develops at their own rate! :)

Julie said...

Good to hear from you again. I'm sorry to hear that both you and Ellie have been sick. I hope everyone gets well soon.

nancy said...

ugh. sorry about all the sickness. I hope you ALL get better pronto!

Don't be worried about the talking just yet. Some babies just stick with one kind of happy noise for awhile before giong to another. I'd still call it totally normal for her age.