Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ellie's bronchoscope, talking, walking, and me

Ellie had her bronchoscope last Wed. and she was PITIFUL She was smiling and as happy as she could be before they took her back to the operating room. She was laughing and smiling while they carried her back. Then we waited and waited for what seemed like hours, but it wasn't even an hour. Then here the nurse comes carrying my little crying sweet pea. She had the most pitiful cry. I asked how she did, they said she did great and was asking for me. MIL and I let that go, as we knew she didn't say "momma" yet. But then I heard it...."MOMMMA." OMGosh, it was precious!! When we got home, Ellie and I quickly laid on the couch and took us a good nap, that didn't even last an hour. I woke up to her shaking...she was stiffening every muscle in her little body and relaxing...she kept doing this repeatedly. I was SCARED. I said her name and after about 4times she pryed her eyes open, glanced at me, and closed them again as she trembled. She didn't feel warm at all. I took her to my room and bathroom, then she started showing signs she was going to throw up. So, I held her over the toilet. After she threw up, she continued shaking. I called my MIL and asked her to come back, called my mom, and the doctor. 15minutes later when my MIL arrived Ellie had a fever. They told us she would have a fever for a day or 2. Let the fun begin. She was so pitiful. She just wanted to be held 24/7 as she fought her fever. Thank goodness for my MIL, mom, and Simon's nana. Between all of us we were able to comfort Ellie and nurse her back to health. She threw up several times and didn't seem to be able to keep anything down for a while. But she did say MOMMA.

This past week she is saying a lot more sounds. She is saying "momma", "aba" (we joke that she's saying abba-father in jewish), she said "I lub" when my mom was saying "i love you." She says "hi" and several other sounds. She's pulling herself to stand up on the couch and even making some side steps to get to what she wants. I wouldn't call it cruising just yet, but it's the step before cruising. All this in the last week and that's on top of her being sick w/ the scope and all.

I got my IUD out and I'm on metformin again. Not for TTC purposes, but if it happens then so be it. I have been unable to lose my pregnancy weight, so I've been on a relatively strict diet. I've read that the mireana IUD can make it to where you don't lose weight, plus I was having terrible migraines. No headaches since I had it removed. So far I'm on 1 metformin a day. All this happened last monday. Since then I have lost 4lbs and my pants are fitting lose. I had lost 3lbs before then, so I'm down about 7lbs. While my pants are fitting lose, my other pants still don't fit me. I have to really watch what I eat the next few days because I know from christmas eve-the monday after I'm going to be tempted beyond belief to eat an array of terrible foods. As far as the possibility of getting pregnant...we'll take that chance. Hopefully it wont happen until I lose weight, but whatever happens, happens.