Tuesday, December 22, 2009

decisions, decisions

Option 1: I've enrolled for a class, MWF 4hr course. It's a class that if I make a B or better I will get extra points and give me a leg up for getting into the limited space Surgical Tech program. I'm sure I'll make a B or better. It's a human biology course, and I just love that sort of stuff. I'm enrolled and all, just need to pay. The class will help me get into the program for 5yrs, so even we did end up pregnant I can take it a year or so later, either way, the class will be behind me.

Option 2: My SIL's MIL knows somebody looking for a part time baby sitter for their 13month old son. If I take the class, I will be looking for a part time baby sitter too. The boy would be coming to my house. There are pros and cons if I decide on this. Pro being extra money, Ellie would have a friend and older baby to look up to. Con means I can't go to school, I would have really baby proof the place quickly and better, and it means bringing another child's germs around Ellie. Plus Ellie is starting to get into everything. I can't imagine having 2 going their separate ways getting into things. I know I will need to baby proof the house soon, but for now w/ me staying home w/ Ellie, so far I just keep a close eye on her, and I really haven't had to do much. I have a make shift gate for the kitchen entrance, which I'm not sure how well it will work for a 13 month old and how well his parents will like that.

I'm leaning towards school. It's what I really wanna do and feel like I need to do. So now I just have to find 1-3 babysitters that can help out. I think Dh's nana is willing to take 1 day, my mom MAYBE 1 day, and hopefully we can fill that other day w/ somebody. We'll see.


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas:)