Tuesday, December 22, 2009

decisions, decisions

Option 1: I've enrolled for a class, MWF 4hr course. It's a class that if I make a B or better I will get extra points and give me a leg up for getting into the limited space Surgical Tech program. I'm sure I'll make a B or better. It's a human biology course, and I just love that sort of stuff. I'm enrolled and all, just need to pay. The class will help me get into the program for 5yrs, so even we did end up pregnant I can take it a year or so later, either way, the class will be behind me.

Option 2: My SIL's MIL knows somebody looking for a part time baby sitter for their 13month old son. If I take the class, I will be looking for a part time baby sitter too. The boy would be coming to my house. There are pros and cons if I decide on this. Pro being extra money, Ellie would have a friend and older baby to look up to. Con means I can't go to school, I would have really baby proof the place quickly and better, and it means bringing another child's germs around Ellie. Plus Ellie is starting to get into everything. I can't imagine having 2 going their separate ways getting into things. I know I will need to baby proof the house soon, but for now w/ me staying home w/ Ellie, so far I just keep a close eye on her, and I really haven't had to do much. I have a make shift gate for the kitchen entrance, which I'm not sure how well it will work for a 13 month old and how well his parents will like that.

I'm leaning towards school. It's what I really wanna do and feel like I need to do. So now I just have to find 1-3 babysitters that can help out. I think Dh's nana is willing to take 1 day, my mom MAYBE 1 day, and hopefully we can fill that other day w/ somebody. We'll see.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ellie's bronchoscope, talking, walking, and me

Ellie had her bronchoscope last Wed. and she was PITIFUL She was smiling and as happy as she could be before they took her back to the operating room. She was laughing and smiling while they carried her back. Then we waited and waited for what seemed like hours, but it wasn't even an hour. Then here the nurse comes carrying my little crying sweet pea. She had the most pitiful cry. I asked how she did, they said she did great and was asking for me. MIL and I let that go, as we knew she didn't say "momma" yet. But then I heard it...."MOMMMA." OMGosh, it was precious!! When we got home, Ellie and I quickly laid on the couch and took us a good nap, that didn't even last an hour. I woke up to her shaking...she was stiffening every muscle in her little body and relaxing...she kept doing this repeatedly. I was SCARED. I said her name and after about 4times she pryed her eyes open, glanced at me, and closed them again as she trembled. She didn't feel warm at all. I took her to my room and bathroom, then she started showing signs she was going to throw up. So, I held her over the toilet. After she threw up, she continued shaking. I called my MIL and asked her to come back, called my mom, and the doctor. 15minutes later when my MIL arrived Ellie had a fever. They told us she would have a fever for a day or 2. Let the fun begin. She was so pitiful. She just wanted to be held 24/7 as she fought her fever. Thank goodness for my MIL, mom, and Simon's nana. Between all of us we were able to comfort Ellie and nurse her back to health. She threw up several times and didn't seem to be able to keep anything down for a while. But she did say MOMMA.

This past week she is saying a lot more sounds. She is saying "momma", "aba" (we joke that she's saying abba-father in jewish), she said "I lub" when my mom was saying "i love you." She says "hi" and several other sounds. She's pulling herself to stand up on the couch and even making some side steps to get to what she wants. I wouldn't call it cruising just yet, but it's the step before cruising. All this in the last week and that's on top of her being sick w/ the scope and all.

I got my IUD out and I'm on metformin again. Not for TTC purposes, but if it happens then so be it. I have been unable to lose my pregnancy weight, so I've been on a relatively strict diet. I've read that the mireana IUD can make it to where you don't lose weight, plus I was having terrible migraines. No headaches since I had it removed. So far I'm on 1 metformin a day. All this happened last monday. Since then I have lost 4lbs and my pants are fitting lose. I had lost 3lbs before then, so I'm down about 7lbs. While my pants are fitting lose, my other pants still don't fit me. I have to really watch what I eat the next few days because I know from christmas eve-the monday after I'm going to be tempted beyond belief to eat an array of terrible foods. As far as the possibility of getting pregnant...we'll take that chance. Hopefully it wont happen until I lose weight, but whatever happens, happens.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simon made it home for Thanksgiving. The week following Thanksgiving he tested to upgrade out of training. Of course he passed everything. Then the stinkin company strung him along and claimed they couldn't get in touch with his assigned teammate. Apparently they were telling his teammate the same. Anyway, as of yesterday they are together and have the truck and are just waiting for a load. His teammate has a 4 kids, one is 8 months old; Ellie's 8 months too. Kinda cool. He and his wife think it's important for her to stay home with the kids too. So that pretty cool. They both have many reasons for keeping that truck moving. Team drivers get paid more and both are very excited about earning a good living for their families.

Guess who is ready to TTC#2?? Simon. The first time around I was all over it, that maternal instinct thing, and I really felt Simon was just along for the ride. I mean he wanted a baby too, but NOTHING like I did. And now he so excited about trying for another one. I have been excited about another one since a few months after having Ellie. He wants me to get my IUD out, and for us to start trying in February, then by May or June he will put in a request to come home on expected "right" days. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited. But, I'm NERVOUS. Maybe I'll be more ready in a few months. My BIGGEST fear, is that I will get pregnant quickly with TWINS while having Ellie, and Simon still being over the road. Can you imagine, a lets say 18-20 month old and a set of twin infants. How would I go grocery shopping??? Pull a buggy w/ a kid and groceries, and push a buggy with 2. I'm not saying I will have twins, but there is always that chance since I have a family history of twins. And easy for Simon to be ready for another one, he will only be home a couple day every few weeks. He wont have to deal with the sleepless nights and all the crying. So yeah, I'm glad he's all over having another one, but I'm not all over the idea just yet. BUT, I am getting my IUD taken out on Monday. I stopped breastfeeding just over a month ago and since then I've been getting migraines like crazy. I know it's from the hormones in the IUD, though not much there are still some. I'm just very sensitive to hormones. I couldn't even handle clomid. By the 3rd straight month my migraine lasted a week and it was so bad that I wasn't going to agree to clomid anymore. So goodbye IUD. I mean seriously with a trucker husband what are the chances of pregnancy anyway??? I think we'll wing it.

Ellie is doing great. She still isn't talking, but I think I'm going to say it's because she's an only child and I'm a SAHM. If we still only have "ahhhs" I will talk to her doctor at the 9 month appointment. But I'm not so worried now. She's now pulling up to stand, and let me tell you, every time I turn around she's standing with something. Ellie still has a cough and clear snot. But, they want to still do the bronchioscope next Wednesday. I'm dreading the aftermath with the high fever. She's going to be so pitiful.

We have icicle lights up outside, and I have some garland and lights around the 2 white post on our porch area. It's kinda pretty. I also put our tree up. I had to get a new tree because our old one, was just a bit puny for me. The old one was 6ft, and I wanted taller, though didn't get the one I really want yet. The new one is 6.5ft, and it's pretty nice for now. I have the tree decorated and a lot of presents already under the tree. I'm not quite finished with my shopping yet. I have 2 more things to get for Ellie, 1 more thing for Simon, and small things for some extended family. Most I know what I'm getting, a few I'm at a lost. But I'm at a stand still till next Friday. So I'll be pushing it some. I may get some before then.

Here's what we have Ellie:
-My Pal Violet (It's a leapfrog toy, a dog stuff animal, that you hook it w/ a USB cord to your computer. Put in the child's name, favorite color, food, and animal, and pick 5 daytime songs, and 5 night time songs. It will teach the spelling of the child's name through song and has other personalized songs. You can go online and change it as child's preferences change. I will do that when she develops more likes.)
-toy drum
-Baby Einstein take along tunes (7 classical song, kind of like MP3 player)
-2 PJ's
-Some toys that aren't for bath time, but they will be in our house. We can't use typical bath time toys because of the risk of psuedomonas.
-Leapfrog spin and sing alphabet zoo. (She seemed to really like it in the store)
What's left to get her, not much.
-Simon wants to get her V-tech sit to stand dancing tower
-I want to get her a small Boombox w/ CD player for her playroom. Found the perfect one at K-Mart.
-I want to get 1-2 outfits, not pricey ones so hopefully I can get 2. She is getting into the sizes that she doesn't have full supply of.
-Potty chair (ok, before you think she's too young, I was her age, actually younger when my mom started putting me on the potty chair a few times a day and early potty training really did work. Now of course it's not going to be complete until she's walking and talking, but I would rather start now than have to deal with it later when she's more mobile and stubborn because of age. So I'm getting it, to try it out).

I know my mom, aunt, grandma, and Simon's mom, grandma, and probably a few others will be getting her some things. So I think Ellie will have a very nice 1st Christmas. Which I've already figured out she will enjoy the wrapping paper above all else.

For Simon I have:
-good winter boots (gave to him early)
-MP3 player (same kind from last year, it got washed in the washer so I got a new one)
-2 PJ's
-electric steamer
-memory card for camera
-may get him a new digital camera
-a case/carrier for his toiletries
I think that's all I got for him

The problem was coming up with things for my list. I was at such a lost, now after he went shopping I think of things. The only thing I could think of were socks, blender, and crock pot. I got myself pj's, and are you smarter than a 5th grader dvd game. But now I want Mad Gab, t-shirts for working out, the storage bags you get the air out of (great for storing Ellie's old clothes), and a couple long skirts. Oh well. What will be the best for me is for Simon and Ellie to be happy. And that's not just a line, that's seriously what I want.

So I'll post again in a few month...just kidding. I'll post again, but not tomorrow. LOL. I guess for me to have half way descent post I have to wait a while between. I'm not as creative and don't live as eventful of a life as others.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where do I start?

Once again, I have let my blog go. I'm terrible, I know.

Simon has finally went out w/ his trainer and completed training. It actually wasn't so bad being a "single parent" while he was away. Ellie and I got sick w/ a pretty yucky cold and Simon's nana and mom helped out with Ellie while I recovered. I got better, Ellie never did. Then I got sick again. Simon made it back home for Thanksgiving. A couple days later is when I got sick again, and like I said Ellie is still sick with a yucky cough, and Simon is now sick. Hopefully he will be going out with his teammate tomorrow. They are trying to get in touch w/ his teammate, which is proving to be difficult.

Ellie has 2 bottom teeth, and let me say, she was AWESOME while cutting them. She didn't fuss much or anything. She's tough like her momma. She's been sitting up for a while now. Her posture is AWESOME!!! Now she falls over every so often, but really not much anymore. She's pulling herself to stand up, and LOVES to stand. The other night at about 2am she woke up screaming, when I went to her room she was standing in her crib, I'm guessing she was scared because I laid her back down and rubbed her back (she insist on sleeping on her belly), and she drifted off back to sleep.

She's not all that into eating solid food. We were doing great w/ breakfast, lunch, and dinner with either jarred baby food or homemade baby food, but when she's sick, I'm not too good about offering her baby food and she's not to good about eating it. She's been sick now for a month, so she hasn't had much solids. I feel bad about that. Hopefully we'll be able to get back on a solid food schedule soon.

She couldn't have her scope because the first time I was really sick, fever and all. Then she was on antibiotic so they had to postpone it. As it stands, I need to call them to find out if they have a date for it.

I'm concern about Ellie's lack of talking. Ok, I know she's only 8 months, well a few days short of 8 months. But all I've read she should be making sounds like bababa or dadadada or mamamama, but she's just say aaaaaaa, and she says that all the time. She's very verbal she just isn't making the sounds I thought she would be making. I hope everything is ok. The main reason for my concern is DH was deaf out of one ear when he was a baby and had speech problems, I had very poor hearing for my early childhood and had terrible speech issues. I want to stay on top of any problems she may have.

So all in all, there's the update.