Monday, July 6, 2009

Surg. Tech or EMT

So, I'm thinking about going back to school. Only this time, I'm not going back to finish what I started. I was going to get a Bachelors in Sociology. How useless is that...well let me rephrase, it wouldn't be very fulfilling to me. I've always dreamed of being a doctor, one that performed surgery. Well, obviously that dream is out for more reasons than I can count. I've lost that desire completely. But what I do desire, is to be a part of the surgical team. In some way, in any way. Surgical Tech is a relatively quick course, w/ classes that will be of ultimate interest to me. I may even one day be able to work on a trauma team, which would just make me so HAPPY. It's the best and most exciting thing to me. The problem is, I have plantar fascitis in my feet, of course, hence the name plantar. I'm not sure if I will be able to stand for the whole surgery. Also during the pregnancy smells really got to me. Now, I'm guessing an operating room doesn't really smell good. So there are a couple fears. I mean for the foot and knee pain, maybe my doctor can prescribe something that will help. I don't know. I really want to be a surgical tech...but the pain is kinda scary. Oh and the college I would have to go to is 45min. away in the next town over. It's actually from where we move from. But, I can get over that, really I can.

The other option is at the community college here, I could do EMT. Now still in the medical field and still somewhat fun. But....I'm not big on the driving an ambulance, especially in the city (not huge). I just don't trust myself as much as I should. I've been told I should be an EMT by many people. I played the roll of an EMT in a church program one year. I was told I looked "natural" in the uniform. I've been told I should do it because when a medical emergency arises I think the fastest and am the most confident. My adrenalin goes up and I go from this little shy, timid person, to a fast confident, take charge person. It's pretty cool after the "medical emergency" when I get to look back and think "I did...and because I did the right thing, everything turned out ok." It really is a great feeling. I've experienced situations through my jobs with working with mentally/physically challanged adults. You will have things from LONG seizures to bloody noses, to a person with aspiration problems vomitting, or falls, and the list really does go on. My problem is I am overweight, I know I don't move really fast. Also, I'm not a big fan of working in the elements such as rain/storms or snow. I envision a wreck at night, during a thunderstorm and downpour, and I can't wait till it slows down. I soak and wet have to be able to manuver to care for the situation. Ack...enough to scare me away I think. I'm pretty sure they do 12hr shifts, which I hate. Obviously it's a 24hr 7 day a week job, no major holiday off. I personally want a little more hope than that. I mean I could work in a surgical clinic and do mon-fri. I mean could. But it's a little more freedom w/ Surgical Tech. But the college is in my town, it cost less...I think, and isn't quite as long as Surgical Tech, although Surgical Tech isn't real long realively speaking.

So do I do what will make me the most happy since both have slight physical problems associated. I can get past it, expecially if I just lose weight. That's another post. So obviously I'm leaning towards the Surg. Tech program, but what do you think. Not to discourage from commenting, but I think my mind is made up....Now I need encouragement to STOP procrasinating. My middle name is procrasination. I'm not getting anywhere by procrasinating though. I HAVE to do this.


Christina said...

I think the surgical tech is perfect for you then. I don't think I could handle the EMT work myself, too much stress and strange hours. At least with surgical tech if you work at an ASC you'll have a set schedule Monday through Friday.
Surgery doesn't smell too bad in my opinon. I've assisted in major dental surgeries and usually the mask and air flow through the room help so that you don't smell much, plus you get use to it quickly.
Good luck!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

I would go w/the surgical tech. EMT would be good too but I dont think I could handle the wrecks and mangled bodies. JMO. Good luck w/what you choose!

What's going on w/the work situation? I know you were talking about staying at home.. maybe I missed your post about that.

Katey said...

I think both sound like awesome jobs. But it sounds like maybe the surgical tech fits you better (according to this post). I think you could get used to the smells...and you would probably encounter bad smells being an EMT too. I think both would bring major adrenaline. When I graduate from nursing school, I would love to work in trauma or an ER...but we'll see. Really i would love to work anywhere as long as I'm practicing nursing! But would love that extra adrenaline kick you get from those types of situations.

And yea...I'm not much on being out in storms or bad weather too.

Good luck...don't procrastinate!

feel said...


thanks for information I surgical tech is perfect for you then. I don't think I could handle the Tech work myself, too much stress and strange hours. At least with surgical tech if you work at an you'll have a set schedule Monday through Friday