Friday, July 24, 2009

CF test results; vacation; and 2 pics

I have so many pics I think I'll post a pic per post, if that's ok, instead of doing the all pic post. Because I also have important things to write about, and I don't want the beautiful pic nor the writing to get left out.

She went to her CF appointment last Tuesday. Her stool sample was normal. The sweat test was borderline. She will continue to be followed and it's pretty much what the doctor expected to see with her mutations. She did great with the sweat test, on the first leg, then screamed bloody murder on the 2nd leg. Once it was over, she quickly settled down and fell asleep. What an angel.

We went to NC for a semi quick trip. It was about an 8hr drive there, and the 2nd day we broke it up and made the trip in 2 days to be more relaxed. It's supposed to be an 8hr trip w/out baby and somehow, I think because Simon must have been going 80mph, it was an 8hr trip. I sat with Ellie in the back most of the way there, Simon was with her on the way home.

So what we did in NC. Ellie met her great granddaddy for the first time. This is my granddaddy's first blood great grandchild. His wife has some, but she's MEAN. She doesn't let her great grandkids go over to her house because they get into stuff, run around, and just be kids. She said she doesn't want them over. They all live out of town, so of course they wont go over. She said she hates kids. She said her only grandaughter brought her boyfriend over 10yrs ago. Since he had holes in his jeans, she told her not to bring him there, and didn't care if she ever came back either. That was the last time she saw her, 10yrs ago. So, I doubt we will be taking Ellie back. If we did, the next time would be when she's at least crawling, maybe walking, and of course exploring. And I know the woman can't handle that.

We also saw my severally mentally challanged aunt. She didn't acknowledge Ellie much, but she touched Ellie's back, which is kinda her way of acknowledging.

We also met some old family friends that I have seen in many years. Sonny has cerepral palsy and is in a wheelchair, has speech problems, but otherwise is way smarter than one might assume. His sister owned and still does a fabric shop. She makes dresses and shirts for people. She's done this my whole life. My mema would take me to the shop and while they talked, Sonny and I would play and talk. Sonny got to see Ellie and kiss her cheek, like he would do me, and really like he always did my mom. This was a highlight of my trip. Ok, I know I said one pic per post, but I can't resist. Here is Sonny and myself kissing Ellie. She really didn't know what to think.

Another highlight is when I drove by my great grandma's ("other mema") house. The front door was open, and Simon talked me into going to the door to see if I could have a tour from the complete stranger. How dangerous!! But I did it and come to find out, it was woman, maybe 10yrs old than me. She very friendly and talkative and was happy to give me a tour. It was so nice to be able to say "bye" to the house. I never got closure as "other mema" was put in a nursing home when I lived in Georgia for a year.

Overall the trip was wonderful closure for me. At the end of my junior year in high school, I had no idea that I would be living in Georgia for my senior year, I didn't know that I would never go back to that school. Later I returned to the area for a while, before moving to Tennessee. When I left I had to quickly get out due to a bad relationship. I never got to have closure at all. Since I've been back a couple times, but I haven't been there long enough for closure, nor was that on the agenda. So, it was a very productive trip, more than needed.