Thursday, January 8, 2009

Message boards

Pregnancy related.

Well, I have moved up to the 3rd tri board, as I hit my 26wks yesterday. I know, it's not official until 27wks, but according to some sources such as babiesonline, I'm 3rd tri now. I really can't relate to either 2nd or 3rd tri right now. My questions are for 3rd tri, but I can help/support ladies in 2nd tri. Oh well, it's that transition stage.

The 1st tri didn't push me away from the board, with "am I pregnant" post. The 2nd post with all kinds of high school drama, didn't push me away, I just ignored those posts. But, I'm not sure how long I will last on the 3rd tri board, it may break me. Being this is my first, and I don't have a lot of close people to talk to regarding everything, I have TONS of questions. The message boards are my best source right now for many of my questions. But, what's really aggravating, is all the inducing. I understand doing it for medical reasons of any kind. But, not only do you have so many "Eviction date" post, but you have so many who are trying to induce naturally with caster oil and stuff.

I'm sorry but this scares me. I want to hold my baby and have her outside of me and not causing me aches and pains as much as the next, but she'll be here when she's ready. I means whats another week, unless of course it's medically necessary. Around where I live, apparently inductions are very common. My doctor said at my first appointment that I will be induced at 39wks because I had high blood pressure and was pre diabetic before the pregnancy. I was cool with that decision, until now. My high blood pressure hasn't switched to pre-eclampsia. I have just taken my glucose test so I'll get the results on that tomorrow or Monday. But, if I don't have pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes, then why induce. I know I am high risk for developing either or, but I'm staying optimistic that I wont. I just really don't want to be induced, I mean almost to the point of tears, that I'm afraid I will be. But I know that I'm not going to start castor oil and other things at 37wks just so I can try to jump start things.

Why do inductions scare me? Why do the non medical induction post upset me? Like I did with ignoring the high school drama on 2nd tri, I will have to do the same with the induction posts on 3rd tri. Because I do have a bunch of questions about a lot of things both before the baby comes and after. But, I'm not sure I'll last on the 3rd tri board.