Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am finally going to upload some pictures. No ultra sound yet, but soon. We got an awesome printer/scanner last year for Christmas. I had the box in MY closet (we have separate closets). One of Simon's cleaning/throwing away fits, he threw the box away. So I have this brand new never been used printer, but can't even plug it in, much less hook it up to the computer. For this next week, I am planning on going to Walmart and putting the pictures on CD, then I should be able to have a post with the ultra sound pictures.

The first one is me at 6 1/2wks. The second one is me at 22 1/2wks. I wanted to see the difference between the 2, hence why I put them both on, skipping any other pics I have. I can still very much wear the dress in the first picture. Maybe soon, I'll get a picture of me in that dress and compare the 2. The shirt in the second picture is my favorite shirt. Most of my shirts are just a plus size up from what I usually wear. This is actually a maternity shirt, and out of my maternity shirts, this one shows my belly the best.


Morgan said...

awww you look so cute preggers!! :)