Saturday, December 6, 2008

I look pregnant now!!

If you are TTC, and you are having a bad day, you may not want to continue reading. It's just a little pregnancy post. Trust me, it'll be short.

I was concerned, being overweight and all, that I wouldn't look pregnant. It scared me. I mean, I'm not 300+lbs, but I'm also not 180. I would be happy at 180 with my build. If I were to say how much I weigh, you would probably envision a very large nasty fat person, which in my opinion isn't the case. I am very large boned, and the weight is pretty much distributed equally. I don't have a large mid section and skinny's all on the large side. I was also worried, well, still am about if DH will be able to feel Ellie through the fat. We'll have to wait on that part.

So, I've been concerned that I just look fat and not pregnant. Guess what though. Just in the last couple days, I SUDDENLY look pregnant. Yeah, I am so excited. Friends and family are starting to comment on how I look pregnant. I have my favorite maternity shirt, and it really make my belly look cute. But I went to target and tried on a few different plus size shirts, and let me tell you, there's no doubt I'm pregnant. I LOVE LOOKING PREGNANT!! Okay I just had to get that out. I want to go to the top of the mountain and shout it, so all can hear. Can you tell I'm happy? I wore my favorite top last night to a Christmas program, and as I walked to the bathroom, I could see my reflection in the's such a gorgeous profile look. I think it's time I can take another pregnancy photo. Maybe I'll figure out how to post it on here. I'm finally feeling beautifully pregnant.

With looking pregnant does come aches and pains that can't be ignored and brushed under the rug. So far I'm good though, I only get down when I'm having the back pain, generally in the evening. But, I've had worse in my life and this too shall pass. The day will come in 4 months, that this will be over and I will hold Ellie in my arms...okay, I think I'm hormonal today, I'm about to start crying. I love my baby girl so much. I love looking pregnant.


kdaniels said...

hey Sherry! It's Kim (kimjj514). Just wanted to let you know I'm sooo happy for you. It's so exciting when you can finally start to see your precious miracle growing inside of you. Now start posting belly pics on your babiesonline page! I wanna see your cute preggo belly!! And remember it doesn't matter your shape and size, you're still preggo and you've still got that sweet baby growing inside of you. Wow, I can't believe only 4 months left! I hope it goes super fast for you, so that you can hold her bundle of joy. I had JJ in May 2001, and being pregnant during the holidays made the 2nd trimester go much faster.

Christina said...

That's great that you look pregnant now! I know how important that probably is to anyone.
There was a girl at my work that never looked pregnant, even at 9 months you still couldn't tell! She wasn't huge either, it was just weird.

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with your pregnant body. I'm sure it is a great feeling to see your cute bump in the mirror and know you have a little life in there. (By the way this is jewelybug from webmd)