Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dr.'s appointment

I had a doctor's appointment today. Nothing too interesting, well, ok, maybe a little. I am still on moderate bed rest until my blood pressure decides to cooperate with me 24/7. He said I'll most likely be on some form of bed rest until we see a baby. Awe, a baby.

I discussed a little problem I'm having, be proud of me. I wasn't sure if it was hemorrhoids or not, so I wanted to make sure before I used medication for it. He said it sounds like hemorrhoids and made his recommendation. We didn't get the medicine yet, but we will tomorrow or the next day. I mean I'm on bed rest, it's no huge deal, really. For the most part, I can handle pain, not happily, but it's not an emergency.

I didn't say a word about the back pain I'm having off and on. It's mostly when I sit up for a while. I really think it's from weak muscles in my back being used now. Not to mention, I can't complain about these common aches and pains. I signed up for this, so I was prepared for most of what I've had to endure thus far.

Something I was not prepared for that has been a bother for 7wks is the constant gushing of heartbeat sound in my left ear. Oh boy, and when I try to go to sleep, it's very loud and very aggravating. I mentioned it to him before, but he brushed it off. This time, I didn't really brush it off myself. He listened to that artery and said that he will contact a cardiologist that he likes. He was concerned, but wasn't sure if it was something we needed to address during pregnancy or if it could wait till after pregnancy. He said that often times older people will get their artery stripped of the plaque. If they don't plaque will build up and cause narrowing of the artery which is apparently his guess for this. He said that during pregnancy since there is a high blood volume, it will probably seem worse, but get somewhat better after the pregnancy. However, he did say that it's definitely a warning sign that needs to be addressed at some point. He said it's a risk factor for a stroke. Apparently he quickly talked to the cardiologist and I have an ultra sound on me neck in the morning. Hubby says that's where the twin is hiding.

I told my mom about the above, and she commented that I tend to age faster than normal. Now, for some family history, my mom is in her mid 40's and is like a 60-70yr with health and stuff. She can't relate to anybody in their 40's but rather the older ones. Her health started deteriorating fast in her late 20's. Her mom had very poor health in her 40's, died when she was 61 of medical problems. Her mom died in her late 50's and again, was older than she really was. So the women in our family have poor health, and we are learning, we age quicker apparently. I guess I'm no exception.

I was happy though when they asked if I have been having any contractions or cramping. NOPE! That felt real good, LO is snuggled in there for now. While I'm looking forward to April and I'm getting increasingly excited, I don't want March to be the month.

Oh, we got a Precious Moments quilt in the mail today. I won it on eBay, my first bidding and my first win. Thursday we plan on picking up the crib and changing table. I'm thinking before we put it together we should probably do any painting first. Simon is very excited to get rid of his den area and start getting the nursery set up.

There's my update. I'll post a memory story next.