Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas wish list

Believe it or not past Christmas' has been hard for me to shop for hubby. He's a man with few need and few wants. This is our 2nd Christmas married, and the list for him is endless. I want to get him everything on his list and the list that I've created for him. Now, I am totally clueless on what to get others, such as my mom, his mom, his dad, and do we really need to worry about aunts and uncles and cousins? I mean seriously, my mom's sister and brother, and 22yr old nephew expect things from us. I just don't understand buying for such extended family. I'm actually giving my uncle my used digital camera, as my aunt and cousin are giving us their used digital camera. So, since this is how it is, then I shouldn't feel bad for giving them a really small something, right? Then there's my mom, who really doesn't expect much, and his mom who I am completely clueless as what we should get her. Here's the list I have for Simon

  • MP3 player (already purchased) He'll love me for it.
  • MP3 holder (already purchased)
  • Pajamas
  • A specific kind of socks, kind of a joke.
  • A sweater (he's finally starting to like the style of clothing I like for him)
  • Undies (my choice of course)
  • Cologne (again my choice, but his favorite)
  • Plus a stocking, which I've decided this year we will have 1 stocking for stuff for both of us, unless he decides to do me a stocking.
My wish list
  • Perfume (our favorite for me)
  • I want him to wash my feet with a special scrub, sand the dry skin off the heels, lotion the feet, and paint the toenails a new color.
  • One of those long things that help you reach your back to wash it better
  • Pajamas to match/compliment his
  • A new tube of my Mary Kay foundation


Morgan said...

I hope you get everything you want..I love Xmas time!