Saturday, October 4, 2008

So I'm absolutely terrible at keeping up with my blog. Honestly, it's because I really don't have much to talk about. Yeah, I live a boring life. I could go into a rant and rage about work, but honestly this is Saturday, and today and tomorrow I want to get my mind as far off work as possible.
I'm a week away from my 2nd tri. I'm feeling great!! I've learned how to eat. I'm eating the more frequent small meals and snacks. As long as I keep a little food, but not much on my belly at all times I don't get sick. If I fail at this, like last night before dinner, I get a little sick feeling. All it took though was little piece of lemon to take care of it, then I could eat no problems.
We enjoyed mexican last night. We used to go for mexican all the time, but then the cheese thing scared me away. We finally went and I loved it. I had a soft taco and mexican rice, with mild sauce and sour cream in it. It was so yummy. In fact, I'm thinking about getting me an order to go today for lunch, and maybe even dinner, we'll see. I just ate the left over rice, for a middle of the night snack. While eating it, I ventured on the computer...bad idea, I really should be back in bed sleeping. When I finish with this I'll crawl back between the covers. I think I have some real cravings now. The mexican rice thing, but it has to have the salsa and sour cream, mexican food in general, baby carrots, spinach veggie dip, and pepsi. Obviously I'm not indulging in too much pepsi, just a can or 2 a day. The baby carrots are really strange though. I chew them up, but can't seem to swallow them. TMI alert, I chew pulvarized carrots and will keep chewing till I spit it out. I try to swallow it but it's gagging. I chew and suck the flavor. So, because it's so nasty, I have indulge in the privacy of my own home, and way from Simon. I don't think he would be too thrilled about seeing ABC carrots.
As you may know we live an apartment. Especially with the baby coming and economy, we have been doing a lot of considering what we should do. The apartment we are in now, imo is not acceptable for the baby. Even some of the other units here would be better, but Simon refuses to move to a different unit. When we moved in his uncle owned them, and it was really run down. Since then, a different own has bought them and fixed them up as people moved out and raised the rent of course. He also bought a 2nd apartment complex. We took the manager the rent last and it was my first time seeing the other apartments. Her and her family are moving to the unit across from them because it's a little more room. I told DH I really want to move in, sure it's a little more rent, but come on, it's better quality and we really can afford it. It's not quite as big with the kitchen and living room, but the set up is open. The rooms are bigger, there's carpet in the bedroom areas, and hardwood and tile in the kitchen and living room. Where we are at now it's dingy old stained up carpet and lanoleum. I told Simon when they move I really want to jump on their unit because I know it's been taken care of. Also, it's lower level and easy access, not only for us with the baby, but my mom and his dad are disabled and it would help them a lot. So please pray and keep your fingers cross that I can talk Simon into this other apartment. We've thought about becoming house people, renting or owning, we've considered and come close, but we aren't house people just yet. Too many things to get into, but we really don't want one yet. I'll keep you update on how it goes with talking him into it. For what we pay for rent, we aren't going to find anything descent, we have to up the amount we are willing to pay, and this isn't bad at all. So many reasons this is better, and easier because we don't have to pay another pet deposit and it's easier because we are sticking with the same owner and everything. It's great.


~*JaYmE*~ said...

I cant believe you are almost in the 2nd tri already! When are you going to post those U/S pics? Good luck finding a new apt! I hope your hubbie comes around.

Morgan said...

MMM I have been CRAVING and LOVING mexican food since I got pregnant, but of course i liked it before so ya know! I've really been craving queso though!