Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random thoughts

There really isn't too much to update on. Pretty much the bullet thing like Nancy does at times.
- I'm pissed off at Mrs. Lazy at work. She's making my life MISERABLE at work.

- Simon and my cousin are going to a Men's Conference at church Friday evening and Saturday morning. I will be staying with my aunt just relaxing and chilling out.

- After the men's conference Simon will be getting me, dropping off my cousin, and Simon and I will head to visit my most wonderful aunt and uncle. They live about 2hrs away and we always have such awesome times with them. We are both very excited.

- I NEVER cook. Seriously, I do not cook, and Simon doesn't cook either. He'll eat a sandwich, microwavable something, or hot dog. I pretty much do the same. We just never cook. We have decided, to try 1 home cooked meal a week. We just don't like the cooking and cleaning involved. So, starting off with one home cooked meal should be pretty easy. I made some awesome vegetable beef stew and I had Simon make a box of Jiffy cornbread. We sat at the dinning room table and enjoyed a "family dinner."

Pregnancy related:

- I have a doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon.
- I am 15wks as of this past Wed.
- I'm kind of hoping he'll do an ultra sound, but I doubt he will. If nothing else I want to see this little one move in there. And if we can tell the gender, it'll be an added bonus.
- I have wanted a boy, up until this week, and now a girl sounds pretty good.
- We have a boy and a girl name picked out. While we are open to changing things a bit when the baby arrives, we are not open criticism on what we picked out. I have a coworker who is very picky with names. When I first started brainstorming, she was quick to shoot down our possible names. So I am hesitant to reveal our chosen names at work.
- Boy: Josiah Zacharriah Yeah, ok, so that's a little odd, I know. This may really change, but when I wrote it down during church one Sunday and showed it to Simon, he lit up. That's what I've been looking for, the reaction from him, saying that, he really loves a name.
- Girl: Elizabeth Ellen. Awww, that almost brings tears to my eyes, just the way it looks. We will call her Ellie. Ok, so maybe I REALLY want a girl now so I can use this name. Simon's 2 grandma's names are Elizabeth, one middle, the other it's her first name. My beloved mema's middle name was Ellen. My mom's best friend, who is like an adopted grandma to me name is Helen. So, Elizabeth Ellen will be naming the child after all great grandmothers. And I LOVE Ellie for short.
-Still not feeling little Ellie or Joey yet. But I'm just getting to that stage that some people feeling their little one. I'm larger and this is my first. So, I can't really expect to feel anything yet. Punishment for being larger, right.


The Captain's Wife said...

The names you chose are great, and even if I didn't think shouldn't matter! Your names are your business...we have chosen to not share our names with anyone in our real life because we don't care to hear what they have to say about them. I revealed them on the Web MD boars..but no where else. I won't be putting them on my blog because I have family that reads it...

Hope you have a GREAT appt Monday!