Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bed rest

Let me back up a bit. I forgot I haven't told my blog world about being on bed rest. It all started, well, I'll say the end of last week. I was hearing in my heart beat in my left ear. It was ok, but was a bit nerve racking. I assumed, maybe ear infection, or something.
Monday, I had my regular doctor's appointment. My blood pressure was 144/90, which is higher than what they like to see. I was already on a blood pressure medication. My doctor actually switched me from my pre pregnancy medicine to a different one at my first appointment. Monday he increased it from 100mg twice a day to 200mg twice a day. Tuesday and Wednesday I went into work like normal, only it wasn't very normal for me. I felt like I was going to pass, I was dizzy, lightheaded, and the heartbeat in my ear was getting much worse.
By Wednesday it was bad enough for me to "bother" the OBGYN office. They wanted me to go into the office at 2pm for a blood pressure check. The notice was way too short for my work, so I had to stay and endure the feeling. At the end of the work day, after all the clients were out of the room, I went to a different room to check my blood pressure. Here were the readings: 162/118, 175/113, and 164/104. We took the first 2 right back to back, once on my left, and once on my right. Then we checked several other's blood pressure to see if maybe it was wrong. Everybody esle's was wonderful. We took mine the 3rd time. I called the doctor's office and told the receptionist, I did not leave a message on the nurse's line. It was somewhat late, and I thought it was somewhat of an emergency. Turned out, I think I did everything right. My nurse called back after what seemed like eternity. She instructed me to take my 200mg blood pressure medicine 3 times a day and to be on complete bed rest. I have my big ultra sound on Nov. 11th, and she wants me to see the doctor then too.
Simon got me a blood pressure machine today since my old one is very inaccurate. I LOVE it. I can use it plugged in or with the batteries. It's PINK!! It's awesome. Tonight my blood pressure has been pretty good. Maybe adding the extra dose of the medicine will get me further in the pregnancy more safely. She also told me if it stays up or goes up again, to go to the hospital.
I will do anything for this baby!! I can't tell you how I felt on my way home after learning of just how high my blood pressure was. I was scared for me and my health, but I was absolutely TERRIFIED for Beanie Bear's health and well being. It was really the scariest thing I've had to deal with so far.
I have a work problem though. While I am off for this less than 2 wks, I am using every bit of my sick and vacation time. So if I get sick in the future, need a mental health day, or go on bed rest later, I'm screwed for 2wks. The way it works since I have short term disability, 2wks without work, then I can put in for my short term disability check. It worked in my favor earlier in the year when I was out of work for a knee injury. It would work in my favor during the pregnancy, if I wasn't going to be out for 2wks, then back at work, then out for some time, then back. My mom seems to think I will be at least on modified bed rest for the remainder. I almost hope she is right. For a couple reasons. One being the above reason, I can go ahead and get my short term disability benefits. The other reason, is the past week I felt so much worse while at work. When I go home I would feel kind of bad, but not like I did at work. When a client yelled or screamed, I would hear the heartbeat louder, and I would get dizzy, then I can't handle the situation I'm trying to deal with. Every day is different at my job and my personality I can't handle the unpredictable. I can't handle not know if a particular client will have a terrible behavior during my day. I wasn't one for it before I got pregnant, but I could handle it, now I just can't handle it. That's not even all I deal with from the clients. There's a lot more. But then I have the staff I work with. You have to constantly walk on egg shells with them. They all seem to be up each other's butts. And I don't know if they intentionally leave me out or if they aren't aware of it. Five women in one room...1 is bound to be "left out." Guess who 1 has always been. Sorry, I don't like being the 3rd or 5th wheel, it just doesn't make a person feel good. So that adds to the stress of my work day. Should I keep on...I could, really I could, but I wont. You get the idea, work is very stressful and probably raises my blood pressure. Financially I need to just be out now so I can at least benefit from my short term disability. But, if my blood pressure continues to be this good, then I'll be back at work in no time.


Elana Kahn said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! You take good care of yourself and your darling baby.