Saturday, August 16, 2008


By this point we all know what kind of blogger I am. I will wait several days until I have a book to write.
So, it is 3:48am, and I woke up about an hour ago, couldn't sleep. How can you be so tired and pregnant, yet not be able to sleep at night? One mystery in life. So, lets see, I had my first dr.'s appointment on Wed. My 1st beta came back, 14dpo, 4wks,1day, as 515, my progesterone came back as 12. At first the nurse said that was ok. I looked it up online, called her again to tell her that I was nervous about it and for my peace of mind, she called in prometrium, pills. That does make me feel a lot better. But, why wouldn't she go ahead and put me on it, then turn around and change her mind. I think it was Friday and she just didn't feel like going through the extra trouble. Anyway, point is, I have the prometrium now, so I'm happy. Also, Simon and I are really hoping for twins. We know that the slightly higher beta, doesn't mean twins in and of itself. We'll know more at our first u/s on Sept. 2nd.
Monday we told my father in law. We took him to Olive Garden and I ate like 6 plates of the salad. Infact that sounds really good right now. We noticed at the drugstore that Grandparents Day will be on Sept. 7th. So there were wonderful cards for Grandparents. We picked a grandfather card. On the inside I wrote something and signed it, your next grandchild. My father in law, got the message as soon as he read everything. He was very thrilled for us.
Wednesday we told my mom. I needed my aunt's help with this since my mom lives 45 minutes away and my aunt lives in the same town. So, I bought a yelow onesie saying "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's" and a yellow bib saying, "I love grandma." I also found the poem that I remember I loved that was posted on a TTC website, way back when I started trying. I typed it up on cute baby bear background. I framed it and put it in the gift box. Over the frame, I put kleenex because I knew she would cry. I wrapped the box, then gave it to my aunt. My job was pretty much complete. We went to the church, where my aunt and mom had choir practice. To our surprise practice had been canceled, because the director was sick. My aunt called my mom and told her to still come, it was really important. So, my aunt, cousin, and me, go to the choir room. I hide in this closet/robe room. My mom and grandma's comes in. My mom sits in the perfect chair, so I can see and peak through the crack where the door hinges are. My aunt told her it was an early birthday present, her b-day is on Sept 2nd. My mom figured it was either something to make her cry or a joke because my aunt stood up and started taking pictures. Once she opened the gift and started reading the poem, I quietly came out of the closet and stood there. She saw the onesie as she tried to read the poem, but found it hard because there were a few people there. She started crying and looked up, there I was, she stood up and hugged me. It was a wonderful thing, just as I hoped for. I knew that this would be the 1st baby announcement for my mom, I'm her only child. I needed to make it very special, and special it was. It worked out perfect and we were all pleased. She said, we got her, surprised her, something that isn't easy to do.
Now tomorrow, Sunday we plan on doing a very similar thing with my mother in law. Same poem, same gift, only it's her late birthday present from us. We haven't seen her since her birthday, so it's wonderful. She has grandchildren, 2 from her daughter and 6 from her step children. I hope it goes as well as it did with my mom.
Symptoms, not too bad yet. I learned Tuesday morning, do not eat grapefruit on an empty stomach, it didn't stay down well. Thursday I was very sick feeling in the morning. By lunch I was sick feeling again, but this time more like shakey and weak. Friday morning, I felt fine, until I got in the car on the way to work, and started feeling a little sick. My boobs are sore, but nothing unbearable. They are changing in appearance, that's for sure. I'm not sure if they are growing, but there's other stuff that happens to them that makes them change. I'm totally constipated despite the prenatal with stool softener. And let me tell you, I've never thought I would ever have a constipation problem. I am bloated some now. I know it's not the beanie bear baby that's making my clothes a little tight, it's obviously gas. I don't have any headaches, though once a day, for 3 days I get a little dizzy.
The dr.'s appointment went well. I am at risk for pre-ecclampsia and gestational diabetes. The dr. and me are being optimistic that it's not a definate thing. I asked him if he would induce if we went passed my EDD on 4/21/2009. He said, because of my risk, if we make it to week 39, he wants to induce then, not take any chances when the beanie bear will be fine. That makes sense. But, that give me an aries baby. I'm not all into the zodiac signs, but read a description, thinking about somebody you know that is that sign, see if you don't some similarities in most. So, an aries baby sounds like it's going to be a handful and a half. However, in a way I'm glad. If I have a "typical" aries child, it seems to me that the child will not be picked on, as I always was in school. People walked all over me growing up, and still do from time to time. My aries baby will probably stand up for him or herself. Going by the description, my aries baby will probably be rather successful in life, as far as achieving their goals. So, in the long run I think it'll be a good thing. May be harder to raise, but it'll all be good.
I'll update in another week with a book.


Christina said...

Good luck with everything and try not to stress! You need your sleep now more than ever!

Morgan said...

Aww those were the cutest ways to tell everyone! :)