Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something to think about

Simon and I were TTC for over a year. We were both under a lot of stress when it finally happened, and to be honest, I was sure it wasn't going to be our month. We were overly stressed about numerous things, which led to poor timing, well, not great. I was under so much stress, it led me to get my first yeast infection, the day before I O'd, on my b-day, our big BDing day. So, this stress continued, we were having a hard time, until this weekend. Simon was busy working 2 jobs, not because we needed it really, but more because we were wanting to rent a house, with higher power bill, and higher rent. I felt abonden in the evenings when I got off work and he would either be sleeping or off at one of his jobs. Mixed with the stress of the situation and the way I was feeling and these pregnancy hormones, I was getting so mad and losing it with Simon when we were together.

Then a webmd friend, lost her husband to an unexpected death shortly after they found out she was pregnant, and they tried for 12months. After I found out about that, I began putting my life into perspective.

Simon has made me very proud to be called his wife. He quit his 2nd part time job. He ultimately decided that we will not move into that house. He is going to start getting some help for his depression, and look for 1 job making more money, that will be hours that he can support his family more ways than just financially. Starting yesterday, I began spending time with my best friend again. I saw that spark in his eyes I used to see, and I felt that giddy feeling that I haven't felt in long time.

He may not be the riches, most talented, and that high class man a lot of women want. He may not have a college degree or know how to change the oil in a car. He may not have tool box in the garage. But, he's my husband, and he has the key to my heart. He is senstive and willing to do what it takes to support his family, he just needs extra encouragment and maybe some help for depression. But, my husband is great, and I can't imagine being with anyone else.



The Captain's Wife said...

It really is sad that tradegies force us to face our lives the way they do....Be sure to tell your hubby just how much you love him as much as you can. That's all we can do....
I hope that Jennie takes good care of herself through this, so that she can carry that miracle of hers, what a wonderful gift to be left with...