Sunday, August 24, 2008

Morning sickness starting

Sure I've been sick here and there. The first thing in the morning grapefruit that made me sick, the latter in the night (TMI) BM stink, that made me sick, and the lovely not eating for 4-5 hours made me yucky. But those all acted like freak accidents, no real sick feeling or anything.

As of today, I have experienced some morning sickness. Had to be a man that coined that term, morning sickness. So 2 days in a row I wake up at exactly 4:46am, to pee. This morning I felt a little queasy, but drank some milk and drifted back off to sleep for a few hours. Then I woke up, got ready for church, felt great. That is until we were on our to church.

I said, "Honey, maybe we should just go tonight, I don't feel so well."
He responded, "Nah, we need to go ahead and go, do I look okay, do I have any blood marks."
I said, with my mouth closed, "huh, uh (no)," "honey, I feel real bad, stop at the convenient store and get me a bottle of water, here's the money."
When we get there, I tell him, "I'll be in the grass taking care of some business."
He comes out, "Baby, maybe we should go home, or maybe you can take me church and I'll get a ride home."
Me: "Nah, lets go to church, I can't lay out the rest of the 1st tri, I'm too early on for that."

So we go on to church, still feeling a bit queasy, but I'm fine, I'll be okay. This is what I've wanted. I wanted so bad to be pregnant. Once it happened, I wanted some small form of morning sickness, so I would know I'm pregnant and feel pregnant. Well, I got what I wished for, and I know I'm pregnant.

A slight change of topics, a couple friend came to congratulate us on the big news. My mentor told her that I was pregnant. I was glad that my mentor told her. I'm not sure how long she has been trying, but she told me she was trying, and it was starting to get hard on her. I said, I knew what it was like to be trying and it seemed like everybody around you is getting pregnant. She opened up a little about it. Because of who told her, I know she knows that we had a little problems, and that it took some time. But I made it a point, not to ask 20 questions about how long they had been trying and drill her on if she's seen a doctor and stuff. If/when she wants to talk me, I'm here. And, I'm glad to know, so I don't flaunt my pregnancy around her. Simon asked me some questions about how long she had been TTC. I told him it didn't matter if she has been trying for 6months, that's 6 months without what you want most. The point is, she's starting to have a hard time dealing things. Last year around Christmas, they hadn't started trying yet. But still TTC and seeing that BFN month after month can hurt, even in the beginning.


Elana Kahn said...

Yay for morning sickness!! :-) Check out my blog for the latest updated... you may find a surprise...