Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long time no post

Sorry to all those who get curious and read my blog. I'm just so terrible at blogging. So, it's pretty much been a month since my last post. Great, that means a month worth of updating.
I went to my follow up for my endo and lap. Yes, I have endo, he lasered most off. He could not safely get the endo that was on my urethra off. He got a bunch of cysts off of an ovary. I saw pictures and it was like 5 or more times larger than the size it was supposed to be. The doctor seems to think we shouldn't have any trouble getting pregnant now. Since the endo is gone, and I'm taking metformin. He does want me to go back to see him in the middle of August if I'm not pregnant and he will give me a script for clomid. I am 5dpo, so we'll see if I will be going in for clomid or for betas. I think I will go ahead and schedule my appointment, either way I will need to see him, and if I do find out I'm pregnant, I will love having that early appointment.
About month an half ago, DH's car was hit, while it was parked in the parking lot of our apartment. It pissed me off. Nobody said anything, even after DH asked, nobody would knew anything. How can you hit a freakin parked car, and it was pretty bad and not know. Since we got the truck, my car has been parked across the street at a very small factory, we are at the end (hard to explain), but it's not where the workers park. It's only an area where we have been instructed to park by the owner of the apartment. Well, last week, my car was hit. We live in a 2 bedroom, with only 1 assigned parking. We have now comendered other apartment's parking spaces. It's less walk for them to park across the street, we have been here longer than anybody else, and 2 cars in 2 months have been involved in an hit and run situation. It pisses me off, and we will not back down. We will not continue to stay in this apartment, paying rent and car repairs from stupid, blind, or drunk drivers who can't drive. So we are looking to move very soon. We have a list of about 18 apartments to call and ask a list of questions. The apartment we are looking at are a lot better than the cheap one we are in. This one we are in, the toilet wont flush half the time, the oven doesn't work, there's obvious mold, and there's no parking. Well, let me correct that, there is plenty of parking at any time, just there are assigned parking. So there can be 15 empty spaces, but they are "off limits." The apartments we are looking at, have pools and clubhouses. It'll be great. The other option is this house for rent that we found. We really liked the house. It's not perfect, but we aren't buying, so it doesn't have to be perfect. But, as most know there are things we have to look at with the house. We have to see what the average electric bill is and check for mold and stuff before we actually go with the house. We are excited about this move.