Monday, August 4, 2008


We faxed the application for our house we are wanting to rent. I am getting very excited. DH called the electric company to find out what the average bill for the house was the last 12 consecutive month somebody was in it. It is very reasonable, not the greatest, but by no means, not impossible. Now we just sit by the phone and wait that call telling us if we are approved for it or not. Gosh, I'm hoping we are approved. I am getting VERY excited about this. If we aren't approved, a co-worker of mine informed me of a company you pay $75 and for 6 months they find you rental homes. They find out what you want, in any amount of detail you have, and they find it for you. Most of what they find are not listed in the paper and are not advertised with "for rent" signs.

I know, we should be looking into buying a house, but it's not the right time for us just yet. We are wanting to wait till either DH and/or I are settled in a career. Right now we are only working jobs, jobs that bring the money in. Also, I have a bankrupcy on my record. That's right, I have had to file bankrupcy, it actually went through the day before we got married. Before you think I went out and ran up my credit in an attempt to live above my means, let me explain. It all started when I moved from one state to another. I was young, and didn't know/understand COBRA. Infact to this day I'm denying that I ever received the option. You see I was getting out of a really bad relationship and the only way to get out was to escape and run away. Once I made up my mind it was not safe to stick around or turn around. I had to quit my job spur of the moment on my way out of town. That was a crazy time in my life. Well, a few months later, I began pretty sick. I went to the doctor, but since I didn't have insurance she didn't run any test, and medicated me for a virus/strep. A few days later I felt even worse but did not feel like sitting in the doctor's office for hours as a walk in. So, I went to the local ER. I had a fever and was obviously not well. They did b/w and didn't tell me anything. The doctor kept looking at my chart, shaking his head (no), looking up at me, telling me there's something, then looking down again, and looking up at me and telling me there's nothing wrong. WTH!?! So they release me, but before I sign the paper to be release, I tell them my temp has gone up, I could feel it, sure enough it had gone up. They gave me a shot of tylenol and sent me along my merry little way. The next day, I was feeling a little better. I threw a piece of wood off of my mother's deck, and slipped on frost. I fell pretty hard on a rocky hard ground. The next day, I was feeling a little beat up, but overall ok. In fact, I was amazed at how well I felt, for the day after. Then on Monday, the 3rd day, I was working. I had this autistic guy with me, I took him so he could get milk from a convienent store. I felt a pop in my left upper abdomin, I felt it in my shoulder, chest all over that side, it took my breath away, I got clamy and felt like I was having a heart attack. But I kept doing my job with this autistic guy. That evening the pain was so terrible, I drove myself to the ER, just be told I had a bruised chest wall. I was given pain pills to be taken with food. I woke up the next morning to vomitting on my way to work. I didn't look so well, but this young adult's mom was a BITCH and needed me to stay with her autistic son. So, I did everything I could to stay awake, I wasn't sleepy though. I kept drifting off. I found it easier to take him to fast food for lunch, because I couldn't supervise him preparing himself something for lunch. That evening his parents arrived, and I couldn't so much as get up, much less eat. I looked terrible. The talked me into eating so I could take my medicine, before I even got my pill in me, I was throwing up, badly. The next morning I woke up dry heaving. By this point I was afraid of going back to the ER. But, I was encouraged to do so, and really saw no other option. After waiting in the waiting room for 5hrs I was called back. After 2 bags of IV fluid I was still dehydrated and after several shots of phenegran I was still sick on my stomach. They tried to send me home many times, but I refused, I told them, something was wrong. Eventually they ordered a CT scan. When they saw I couldn't even hold down water for the CT scan, they knew I was really sick. Found out my spleen was ruptured. I was airlifted to a trauma hospital. The very next morning, despite my request to wait till my mother arrived, they began surgery to take that ruptured organ out. My blood levels had dropped so low, I was on the brink of death. This started a 2wk stay, not at the Holiday Inn, but in the hospital. I had complication after complication. Once the bills started coming in, it was more than $100,000. There was no way I could even begin to tackle those bills, plus the bills I had already accumulate (car, rent, phone, credit card--the normal stuff), and live (eat), all at the same time. So months and years past, and eventually I found my only option was to file for bankrupcy. It really was the only option. In the light of it all, I'm glad I did it, though it really sucks with my credit for a while.

So buying a house right now, is just out of the question. It's not going to happen, so renting is our option. I'm okay with that for now. I have to be, right. But, I do want to get out of the apartments and go to the house.

As far as TTC, I am 6dpo. My temps have been nice and high, until today, it dropped quite a bit. But, it's the overall picture, not just one individual temp that counts. I'm not planning on POAS. Well, I haven't put a date or day on when I will test. So far I'm pretty relaxed and level headed, though I can feel the anticipation building. I will try my best to hold back until I am really late. But, is late 12dpo, when AF should start for me, or is late 13dpo, the day after AF should start? Or, am I supposed to wait till after the "normal" 14dpo to test? Who knows, I'll test when I test, if I even test.


mrandmrsboggs said...

Hi! I am checkin out your blog, I am from the webmd 2nd tri boards! I just wanted to say I read this last blog and wow! I can't believe they didn't do much to find out what was going on. I work in the emergency field and a ruptured spleen is nothing to overlook. You could have died. I am so glad you're better now though! My husband had to file bankruptcy recently too (before we got married) and it sucks sometimes but it was our best option with everything that happened. We are deeply involved in church too so we really just pray and talk to God when things get rough or are even great. I pray you are successful in your pregnancy and you are in my thoughts! -Jennifer (PaytonorAva on webmd)