Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TTC life

Yeah, that's right, we are TTC #1, and let me tell you it's not as easy as people make it sound. I am currently 11dpo, on my C11. I went in to my doctor last Friday for my progesterone level check and for a pelvic u/s to see if the clomid was giving me cysts. Yeah, that's right, I'm on clomid. The first round was at 50mg, and the second was at 100mg.

So, for the results. I haven't talked to the doctor yet, however, I will tomorrow. I plan on calling tomorrow morning and speading up the process of them calling me back. But, I know a little bit of the u/s results. There was a large cyst on my right ovary, but it could have been just from Oing. She said it looked like I was about to O. Well, I promise, I was 7dpo. So, hopefully I will find out what that was all about. There were also quite a few smaller cysts on both ovaries. How they tell if it's from my PCOS or from the clomid, it's beyond me. But, here is the kicker, my uterus lining was 2.21mm. That is crazy low, so no pregnancy this cycle. So, it's an issue I have to discuss with my doctor and come with a solution.

Although, my lining was so thin, I'm still hoping. I looked at my charts from my previous charted cycles, and I noticed that every single cycle, I start spotting at 10 or 11dpo, but I'm 11dpo and the day is practically over for me, and NO spotting. But, there is a little cramping and little bit of sore bb's, so I'm exspecting AF. But, I did go out of my way to the dollar tree to get HPT's. Since the uterus lining is so thin, I didn't want to waste my money on exspensive HPT's.

Here is what I am experiencing thus far:
Cramps, off and on, but when on, not for long and pretty uncomfortable.
Headache from you know where...I don't usually get a headache, but I've learned that with clomid, nothing is "normal" anymore.
Tired...but so are my other's been a very long week already.
Sore bb's, but it's pre-AF too. Actually it's not as bad as usual, yet anyway. But, worse tonight.

Since I have HPT's in the house, I may POAS tomorrow. But, hopefully I'll be able to hold off till I'm really late. We'll see. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!