Wednesday, April 30, 2008

...Dry Socket

This is still a big part of my current life. Last night, I got very sick on my stomach from the antibiotic. My mom reminded me that it's an antibiotic I got sick from back in high school. Well, now I will remember. I spent half the night with my head in a trashcan praying I wouldn't vomit. I imagined the pain I would have felt if I vomited and it went into the whole where I've got the dry socket. All I can say is "OUCH!!"
Simon took my to the oral surgeon today. They were going to give me the laughing gas, upon request. But, they changed their minds, and gave me Novocaine. Thank God. He gave it to me once in all the little areas. But, it wasn't enough, so after two more shots, 3 times more than normal, he was able to proceed and complete the packing process. The packing kept coming out and he kept packing it back in. Eventually he got it to stay. He did say there was a good chance it would come out, so to continue eating only soft foods, nothing harder than scrambled eggs. I am wanting a big pickle and a canned mountain dew so bad, guess I have to wait. On my way home from work I picked up a canned mountain dew, and I've a straw I'm getting some out of with my finger and dropping it on my tongue. Even though it's packed, it still hurts to get drink near it. Not to mention I'm sure carbonation, isn't the best for it.
The oral surgeon, told me no heavy lifting, light duty. I work with adults in wheelchairs, they are physically and mentally challenged. I work in a classroom with 2 other aids, a teacher, and a nurse. The company I work for, does not have light duty unless you get injured on the job, then they suddenly have it. So, I told the doctor that I would be able to work it out with my co-workers with no problems. Well, I was wrong. The teacher, which is our immediate supervisor, was very understanding. However the other 2 aids, which are total b****, which I don't curse, only when I am heated mad. One is great, unless the other is there too, then watch out. So, the one that is okay some times, rolls her eyes when I tell her I can't do the 2 person lift, by lifting the back part of the person, which is the heavier part. For now, until this dry socket heals, I need to be getting the lower extremities, the lighter part. Then she rolls her ugly eyes. I was so pissed. Then later, when I informed the totally 100% b****, that I can't do heavy lifting, she has the nerve to say, with an attitude I must add, "well what does having a tooth pulled have to do with lifting." Well, you freaking idiot, first of all I don't want the packing to fall out and if I strain when I lift or pull on somebody it can increase the pain and make the healing process longer and harder. Then she says, now remember the immediate supervisor was cool with the situation. After all we can all work together. But, this girl had the nerve to say that there is no light duty... What an a**!! Lifting is a minor part of the day. I don't mind lift the bottom extremities, feeding, changing diapers, working on activities, or anything else. ALL I ask is that somebody get the top extremities when lifting and somebody else care for the one larger client who requires more tugging and pulling, or at least be available. I remember the day at this job, where we all worked as a team, this was before this one girl came to the room. If a staff was ill or something, the others did a little more to help out. We worked together. And, Simon wouldn't let me stay home, he made me go into work today. Which I went in because if the packing falls out, then I will not be going back in until the packing is replaced. So, I don't know what tomorrow holds. I have 12 vacation days, but who really wants to use their vacation on a dry socket. I will endure it as much as I can. But, I am just so pissed at my co-workers. I don't wish dry socket on even my worse enemies, however right now, I am wishing it on them. Neither have had their wisdom teeth cut out, both will need to one day, probably since they are cutting them and they are cutting crooked or something. So, their day will come when they have to get them pulled. And when they do, I hope I'm still around, because I will have no sympathy for their selfish a**es. I will be laughing so hard. I am not the kind of person to wish pain and discomfort on people, but that's how upset I am. Maybe it's partially the pain meds talking, but I am very upset too. If I go into work tomorrow and they give me any problems, I will be at risk of losing my job. Simon is asleep right now, but when he wakes up I will tell him what happen. He heard what the dentist said about lifting and light duty. Not there's anything he can do about the situation. But, if he doesn't calm me down, I will go in there and tell a couple people off if they give me any problems. All in all, I really need a new job, so I can work with at least half way intelligent people. These girls have a brain the size of pea and half the time they don't even use that. But they think they are God's gift to the world. What irritates me so much, is they walk around like they have such high self esteem, but they are always asking clients if they love them, or if they missed them or whatever. Have a little self esteem. I don't understand. I mean I don't go around and ask people if they love me, or if they missed me. I don't need that love and support. Maybe it's because I'm married to a wonderful man and have a wonderful family and church that I know love me dearly. Maybe that's what I don't need to know that I'm loved at work. I mean get a freakin life. Okay, enough of my rant for the day. I need a new job, really bad. I hate working with these people.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dry Socket

I had a wisdom tooth removed last Thursday. It wasn't bad at all after he gave extra novacaine. And the gas was wonderful. Friday was awesome, just a little sore jaw, the same for Saturday. I was just exhausted on Sunday, but my jaw wasn't even sore. By Monday I was ready for "real" food. Then today...Ouch!! When cold air hit, my hand went for my face. Cold or hot beverages had to stay clear of the area. My tounge acted more as a wall between the two sides of my mouth. But, despite the pain, I worked a full day with just 3 tylenols. Yay, me. After work I went to the oral surgeon. One of my worse nightmares came true, dry socket. It's been one of my biggest fears, and here I am, experiencing it. He gave me antibiotic and a mouth rinse. He tried to pack it, but I pulled back too much. It hurt like, (a word I would rather not say), and I visualized what he was doing and that didn't help much. My mom stressed the importance to me about going back and letting him. So, tomorrow morning, I will call and I will go back. Only this time, it will not be the unknown for me. I will have Simon with me which will help a lot, and I will do a lot of praying before and during the process. With Simon next to me, I can endure almost anything. So, wish me luck on tomorrow when I go back. I'm a bit nervous.